Family Tradition Online Community Stories: How To Start Writing Your Tale

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You've found a family tradition online community. Now what? Well, it's time to write out your tradition. Family and sports tradition sharing sites turn what used to be simple stories that were passed down from generation to generation into tales for the whole world to see. Publishing your family's favorite customs in and online tradition sharing community means actually writing out what your rituals, practices and memories are. Before you start typing, check out these top tips for telling your story.

16 September 2016

2 Tips For Deciding On A Cremation Service If Your Family Members Want A Burial

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Cremation services have become increasingly popular over the years because the process is more affordable than traditional burials. However, not everyone is always on board to cremate a loved one. This can make things difficult when it comes time to plan your loved one's funeral. Planning a funeral can quickly turn into a bickering contest if you are not able to convince family members that a cremations service is best. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help plan a cremation service when your family members would rather have a traditional burial.

9 September 2016

Want To Be A Parent But Worried Your Age Makes You High Risk? Know Your Options

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If having kids wasn't something that you made a priority when you were fertile or younger, and now you're getting to the age where you think you are ready to start a family but are too old to be pregnant, there are still options available that make having a child a possibility. If you don't want a high risk pregnancy and you don't have a partner that can make conceiving a child possible, look into these different options to become the parent you've always wanted to be.

1 August 2016

Fearful Of A Funeral Fiasco? Use These Preplanning Options To Avoid Family Fights At Your Funeral

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For most families, the death of a loved one is sure to be an extremely stressful event. But for families who are already dealing with strained or difficult relationships, the funeral meant to honor a loved one's life and give closure to those who survive can become the scene of an emotion-filled fiasco instead. If you are pre-planning your funeral arrangements or helping a family member with theirs and would like to avoid this type of family strife, the following tips can help.

23 May 2016