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Family Tradition Online Community Stories: How To Start Writing Your Tale

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You've found a family tradition online community. Now what? Well, it's time to write out your tradition. Family and sports tradition sharing sites turn what used to be simple stories that were passed down from generation to generation into tales for the whole world to see. Publishing your family's favorite customs in and online tradition sharing community means actually writing out what your rituals, practices and memories are. Before you start typing, check out these top tips for telling your story.

Pick one event.

This one seems simple, right? You already know that your family has some fairly fabulous holiday celebrations, and you're ready to write about them. But, wait. If you choose "holidays" as your tradition to write about, you might be covering too much ground. Simplify if (for clarity's sake) and go with one holiday. This might mean choosing Halloween or Thanksgiving – instead of "fall holidays."

Select a specific angle.

Now that you've got your holiday, you're ready for some family tradition sharing. You start writing and realize that you've got what seems like a book, covering every aspect of your Christmas or a day to night version of your Easter holiday. It's time to get even more specific. Even though your holiday may include several customs, focus on one. Let's say that your Christmas Eve includes going to the same church that your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents went to, opening one present each and dining on a special meal that the kids help to prepare. That's three separate traditions to write about, and not one multi-chapter share.

Add your own flair.

What makes your family special? Including details that show how your experiences are different add interest and make the story stand out. This might mean that you use a humor to tell your tale. Write in a detailed manner, making sure to capture each magical moment. Use a friendly style and add narrative where it's needed. If the same speech that Uncle Eric makes every year at 11:58 on New Year's Eve is essential to your story, quote him. Likewise, if you have the same pre-game conversation ritual before each year's playoff, add exactly what you say.

Read it out loud.

Before posting your story, read it. Not just in your head, but out loud too. Reading it out loud will help you to make edits, correct your content and decide if you've actually said everything that you had planned to. You can take this a step farther, and read it to a friend or family member (or have a friend read it). Having another pair of ears to comment on your tale can help you to spot errors and see where you might need changes.

A family tradition online community gives you the chance to share special moments. You can come together with other family members and make new friends who also want to share their tales with you. The first step (before you even start to write) is choosing the tradition – and the aspect of it that you want to share with others. From adding your own story style to finalizing what you've written, this is a process to treasure – almost as much as the tradition itself. 


16 September 2016