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Hello, my name is Katherine Hobart and I've written this blog to guide individuals and families in the right direction to achieve healthy relationships. It's important for family members to be supportive of each other and learn about the give and take in a relationship. This blog not only focuses on adult issues, but it's also a tool for parents to use while raising their children. I started this blog because I had witnessed numerous friends and family members struggling with relationship and parenting issues. After learning as much information as I could about common issues that cause problems in relationships and families, I decided to make this knowledge available for everyone who has struggles within their families and relationships.

Want To Be A Parent But Worried Your Age Makes You High Risk? Know Your Options

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If having kids wasn't something that you made a priority when you were fertile or younger, and now you're getting to the age where you think you are ready to start a family but are too old to be pregnant, there are still options available that make having a child a possibility. If you don't want a high risk pregnancy and you don't have a partner that can make conceiving a child possible, look into these different options to become the parent you've always wanted to be.

Foster Care

Foster care is a great way for you to become a parent to children that are in great need, and sometimes these temporary situations turn into long term living arrangements. As a foster parent you will be responsible for caring for children that have been taken by the state, or given to the state, and you will house them until the children are given a more permanent solution or are adopted. Although some people get paid to be foster care parents, you can do this to experience parenting while making a difference in children's lives.


If you want to have a child that you can raise until they are an adult, and you know that you want to be a parent forever, finding a licensed adoption agency is the best way to get a child. The agency already has children that are awaiting placement and that need a permanent home and you can sometimes be selective with the age, race and gender. A licensed adoption agency is best because you don't have to worry about getting scammed out of money.


If you have eggs or sperm that is healthy, you can get eggs or sperm from an egg donor and have a surrogate mother carry your child. This may be a costly process and it may take some time, but this is a way to get a child that's your own. This doesn't always work because of mother nature, but it's worth a try if you are 100 percent positive you want a child from your own DNA.

It's never too late to have a child if you are healthy and financially stable and you know that you want to be a parent. Look into all three of these options to see what is the most practical and affordable for you to make happen, and become the parent you've always hoped to be. For more information on adoption, visit


1 August 2016